Regulatory Intelligence

European and National regulatory environments: For many years I have involved myself in the National and European regulatory environments through trade associations IFAH, NOAH and APHA. As an independent consultant I proactively follow and engage in their evolution through my memberships and voluntary activities in BVA, AVC, TOPRA and AVI. This knowledge is accessible to clients through ASSENTRA.

Competitor regulatory activities: There is a surprising amount of information on the regulatory activities of your competitors – and you – available in the public domain but it is time-consuming to find, analyse and report. Get it through ASSENTRA, in a timely and easily digestible format.

Public information research and analysis: Are you looking for a one-off synthesis of available information on a specific subject, such as marketing authorisations, indications and activities for a substance or product across the EU? Do you need to understand the EU trends in transparency of information in regulatory dossiers? ASSENTRA can provide these to your specification and at a reasonable cost.

Regular reports: Regular reports or rapid alerts on new or changed Marketing Authorisations in Member State or European competent authorities, to your specifications.

Marketing support: Marketing and business colleagues always need your advice or signature on packaging or promotional material TODAY! ASSENTRA can provide a compliance review and advice service against approved product literature, industry (NOAH) codes and legislation, while you concentrate on the approaching authority deadline. ASSENTRA advises; the final decision is yours.