Working Together

First discussions: Assentra is happy to discuss your needs in full confidence and with no obligation. Following discussion to fully understand your requirements and constraints Assentra will provide a quote for our services at no charge.
Sometimes, a short preliminary analysis or work may be necessary to identify or clarify next steps or strategies, and you are then free to accept or decline Assentra’s proposal for the full project. In such cases a fixed fee will be agreed beforehand.

Contracts: A copy of Assentra’s terms and conditions is available on request, but Assentra is happy to work to your contract provided it meets our needs. Reasonable changes may be requested to protect Assentra’s interests.

Remuneration: ASSENTRA can work with you in whatever way best suits your needs and the nature of the service provided.
By Time: Per day or hour on an agreed professional rate. The total can be capped by agreement, avoiding surprises.
By Project: An agreed fixed fee, depending on the nature of the work and the size of the project.
By Retainer: Allows for continual services over a period of time. A retainer fee is agreed and invoiced regularly and you can draw on Assentra as needed, up to an agreed limit when additional work is charged on a time basis.

Confidentiality: Assentra treats any discussion with potential, current or previous clients as confidential, whether a confidentiality agreement is in place or not.
Confidential data and information is held securely and normally exchanged with clients over the secure Eudralink gateway.
Confidentiality is maintained throughout a project and indefinitely unless disclosure is required for legal reasons.

Conflicts of Interest: Assentra will not undertake work where there is a conflict of interest.
Assentra works with a range of companies in the European Animal Health market and reserves the right to simultaneously work for competing clients in areas that do not directly conflict. Conflicts of interest are considered to arise, for example, where Assentra is requested to work on products or projects which directly compete in a market or which have similar indications in an animal species. If there is any doubt that such a conflict of interest may arise Assentra will discuss this (while maintaining client confidentiality) with the concerned parties.

Independence: Assentra strives to provide independent, objective advice and services in the veterinary regulatory field, always looking to achieve its client’s objectives through good science, good regulatory practice and with integrity.
As a member of the Association of Veterinary Consultants, Assentra adheres to the AVC Code of Practice.

Contact ASSENTRA Ltd. for further information and to discuss your needs.